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A Team Of Experts Ready For Work.

At Mule Co. Inc., we know what it takes to lead a loyal, dedicated workforce. Our team is committed to providing excellent services as a contractor for FedEx.

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Team Members

Discover The Story Of Mule Co. Inc.

Mule Co. Inc. understands that our drivers want to be part of a family. Our mission is to provide exceptional employment by placing an emphasis on loyalty, teamwork, and opportunity in the workplace. Every single manager that works for us has started as a driver and worked their way to the position they hold today.

MuleCo, Inc. Is a part of a large family of companies affording us the opportunity to expand our operations, foster the growth of our workforce within the MuleCo family, and extend these benefits of career paths beyond the driver boundaries!

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Our Core Values

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We emphasize commitment to our team members and prioritize trust and long-term commitment in all we do.

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We value collaboration and are very personable towards team members. This allows us to have a very low turnover rate among our staff.

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Opportunity Driven

We are committed to providing growth opportunities to our staff, empowering our team to innovate, learn, and reach their full potential.

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